Indonesia & Argumentum Ad Populum

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Argumentum ad populum is one of logical fallacy. Argumentum ad populum assumes something is true (or right, or good) because a lot of people agree with it.

I will give you the simple structure of argumentum ad populum :

1. A lot of people agree or do “X”
2. Things called “A lot of people agree or do” always correct
3. Hmm so “X” is correct

And I think Indonesian is the pro-player of this logical fallacy, they are doing really great. We can see it anywhere. It’s usually happens when people in the community are having an issue and boom the fallacy happens when they determine their statement about the issue. This thing going worse when there is systematically framing on something.

So my opinion about this circumstance we should have good critical thinking and don’t trust something that we don’t know the black and white of it.