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Lately, I have spent my time doing some deep reflection about life, love, friendship, etc. I read a lot of books that change my perspective and keeps my well-being in this VUCA world. I’m facing a lot of people with remarkable experience and their crazy eagerness. It’s a great thing. But there’s something that bothers my mind.

I Have seen too many people focus on critics and grumble rather than focusing on the goodness of things and find the solution and sometimes I’m one of them. In the long term, I think it’s not a good thing to do. There…

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Argumentum ad populum is one of logical fallacy. Argumentum ad populum assumes something is true (or right, or good) because a lot of people agree with it.

I will give you the simple structure of argumentum ad populum :

1. A lot of people agree or do “X”
2. Things called “A lot of people agree or do” always correct
3. Hmm so “X” is correct

And I think Indonesian is the pro-player of this logical fallacy, they are doing really great. We can see it anywhere. It’s usually happens when people in the community are having an issue and…

2020 has been an overwhelming struggle for me to identify and understand the external and internal aspects of my life. So many things that I didn't know until I realize that life is like a beautiful poem and complicated at the same time. I want to share one of them.

I learn a lot about something called controllable vs uncontrollable. Before I know this thing, it's been a hard time for me to always try to deal with uncontrollable things. It cost me a lot like energy, time, and sometimes my mental. …

Narendra Ananta Dwi Putra

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